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Charitable Organisations

In the present political and economic climate, government – and particularly local government – is looking more and more to the voluntary sector to deliver its services. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for the sector. Government has a statutory duty to ensure that it gets value for money and so it demands ever increasing standards of professionalism from the voluntary organisations with which it engages.

Organisations have shown that they accept this challenge and are placing evermore emphasis on training and development for their volunteers. There can be a problem however, because management training companies geared up for commercial and industrial operations are not always appropriate for the voluntary sector.

Here at EvolveRight we understand that volunteers give their time because they want to make a contribution to the work of their particular charity, but they are doing it from choice and it needs to be an enjoyable experience. This calls for a particular approach to both management and leadership training. In addition we understand that voluntary organisations do not have the same financial resources as commercial undertaking and have to operate on very tight budgets.

Whatever the size of your organisation and whatever your training needs you will get sympathetic advice and quality development from EvolveRight.


The quality of the service delivered within an organisation is key to its progress and development. Promoting high quality leadership and management processes within this can help meet the challenges of developing existing leaders and managers and nurturing new ones.

Ensuring staff perform both effectively and cohesively with their professional team is essential to any organisations success and development.

The broad content of this Leadership / Management Training has a generic theme, however will be adapted to meet the specific needs of individual professional groups.

Each course is interactive and will be run in small groups with individuals either from the same professional background or organisation.


Situational Leadership
This module will focus on the four key leadership styles of directing, coaching, supporting and delegating and will help individuals to identify when to use each.

Goal Setting for Staff Development

The setting of individual and organisational goals helps steer staff performance in the right direction. It is hard to lead a team if you or they are unclear of the direction expected.

Setting and Raising Staff Performance

This module will allow individuals to set the standards of performance that are required within their team, and to analyse individual development requirements.

Challenging People to do Better

This module guides and teaches managers how to challenge personnel in a positive way without appearing to criticise.

Giving Constructive Feedback

Providing constructive feedback is a vital role for any manager. If undertaken correctly it can bring huge benefits to the individual within a team

Optimising One:One Meetings / Discussions

To maximise time and productivity a one:one meeting or discussion should be well structured and organised, without necessarily being formal or causing anxiety. This module help identify methods of how this can be achieved.

Coaching and Motivating your Staff

The positive results of effective coaching and motivation of staff are unlimited. Some of these can guide a team to think and do for themselves and can motivate them to take on responsibility and perform more effectively.

Numbers of Participants: Minimum of 6 – maximum of 12

Length of Course: 2-days

Location: Conference facilities within your business or organisation region

Cost: £500

Dates: To be confirmed

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